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The business IT demands of any company are numerous, and with new technology constantly being developed, it is not becoming any less prevalent. Trying to keep up with the many facets that contribute to a functional digital business can put a strain on everyone.

EcoBright’s Managed IT support takes that pressure off by providing competent and reliable assistance.

Network interruptions and downtime translates to loss of revenue and productivity. At EcoBright IT we aim to prevent disruptions caused by technology to keep your business running smoothly. We are committed to providing industry-leading IT services and managed support to ensure your business operates at its full capacity. The knowledge of having a well-managed and highly-functioning IT department means your energy can be spent elsewhere without having to worry about unexpected network issues.

EcoBright’s Managed IT support includes a number of different resources for you to make use of:

Fully or Partially Managed IT Support

Whether you want a little help, or a complete take over, EcoBright can provide you with the flexibility of covering whatever you need, when you need it.

Secure Remote Support

Our secure remote support system enables us to establish an instant, protected connection to your devices. This means we are able to provide you support straight away, fixing any issues as soon as they arise, minimising downtime and maximising your productivity time.

24/7 Proactive Monitoring

24/7 proactive monitoring scans your systems stopping any small vulnerabilities that arise from progressing into major issues before they harm your business. We will ensure that resolutions are efficiently put into place, keeping downtime to a minimum. Our team receives around-the-clock alerts, so even if you are not in the office, we’re ready to act.

Client Portal

At EcoBright IT we provide a dedicated, GDPR-ready client portal allowing our clients secure and instant access to their support tickets, billing and projects.

Email Ticketing System

An invaluable resource, turning your email setup into an automated ticketing system, meaning nothing gets missed.

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