Data Backup Solutions

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Would your business be able to trade tomorrow if the worst was to happen and you lost all your data? Accounts, documentation, contracts and more lost? With the world moving more and more to a digital space, the effects of any data loss can have devastating ramifications.

Our backups utilise industry-leading technology to ensure your valuable data is safe, secure and most importantly, retrievable. Backups are stored on encrypted servers when Off-site to give you the peace of mind if the worst was to happen.

On-Site Backup

EcoBright IT can help you to facilitate data backup directly on your premises. This backup system is easy to install and maintain, largely cost-effective, and allows you quick access to your data directly on site, without the need for an internet connection.

Off-Site backup

If you prefer a physical backup solution, we also offer off-site backup, which stores your data in a different location to your premises. In case of an emergency at work, this means your valuable data is protected from damage.

Microsoft 365 Backup

EcoBright offers third-party Microsoft 365 backup. This means any of your data stored on 365 is also stored elsewhere, separate from the Microsoft servers. Having a backup in addition to the limited protections provided by 365 means you are not using up your Microsoft storage allocation with files in the recycling bin for example. It also means if there is a breach of your 365 account, your files are easily accessible and quick to restore.

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