Cybercrime – Eurofins

No business sector is immune to cybercrime, according to a senior manager of the UK’s largest forensic service provider, Eurofins, hit by a ransomware attack in June this year.  The company operates in 47 countries and the cyber-attack badly affected their labs since they are heavily computer-dependent.  The seven UK sites were forced to stop accepting forensic specimens resulting in a backlog of 20,000 samples toward the end of July.

As Eurofins usually handles over 50% of the forensic market, emergency measures were put in place by the National Police Chief’s Council in order to prioritise the most urgent samples sent to other providers.  Some court hearings are thought to have been postponed due to analysis results from Eurofins being unavailable.  It is believed that the ransom was paid in order to restore the IT systems and the criminal investigation is ongoing.

To defend against ransomware, we recommend keeping secure and regular backups of data and having robust cybersecurity systems in place.  Employees should also be educated on how to spot malicious links, emails and data-phishing attacks.