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Connectivity is key in the world we live in today. Having a reliable, quality internet connection is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity.

EcoBright IT is ready to advise and guide you through the right solutions to suit your business needs.

Leased Lines

Having a leased line can be extremely advantageous for your company. A dedicated data connection means that all bandwidth is solely for the use of your organisation, so you won’t need to worry about being affected by the use of other consumers during peak times. It is also an effective way to connect offices at multiple locations, including staff working remotely or from home.


ADSL or Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, and VDSL or Very-high-bitrate Digital Subscriber Line use the existing copper infrastructures to provide your business with a ready-to-go, affordable connection without requiring additional installations.

WiFi Links

If you require network connectivity in a location where it is not desirable to have a physical linkage, involving expensive civil works and data cabling, EcoBright IT can offer you the solution in the form of a point-to-point radio link. Our high speed, high throughput wireless antennas give you the flexibility and ease of installation of a wireless solution, but with the speeds and reliability of cabled infrastructure.


Fibre To The Cabinet, is the type of broadband line usually offered if there is no fibre-optic infrastructure to your business premises. This solution is time-tested, cost-effective and stable.


Fibre To The Premises, is becoming the new standard solution for businesses, providing fibre-optic connectivity from the exchange through to your premises. Fibre-optic can operate at much higher speeds than copper connections, and is generally more reliable.


A satellite connection is a great option particularly for more isolated locations where other more direct, cabled or cellular connections are not available. It means that your business can still benefit from an excellent internet service without the logistics of new extensive installations.

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