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We can offer your company a range of cloud-based and hosted services tailored to your specific requirements. This has become increasingly valuable in the wake of COVID-19 and the move of many companies to a working-from-home environment.

Services we provide particularly helpful for remote working are:

Hosted Desktop

Our Hosted Desktop service provides access to a suite of desktop tools accessible through a secure internet connection. This is greatly beneficial for teams working in different locations as well as a very cost-effective way to manage a network of computers. A cloud-based network like this also has the benefit of being a very secure way of storing your data.

Web Hosting

EcoBright IT can reliably host your domain on their dedicated or shared servers. Whether you require storage of your pre-built website, or need access to the tools to build one, we can help with that.

Domain Names

A domain name is essential in providing easy access to your website by converting your IP address into a recognisable name or phrase. We will manage your domain name registration, ensuring there’s no risk of any site downtime.


Combining your registered domain name with our cloud-based email services we can provide you with official business email addresses, split into multiple departments if required. Our Office 365 email service comes with industry-leading encryption and data protection measures in place.

Cloud Servers

We accommodate scalable cloud server solutions tailored to your specific business requirements. Using a cloud or virtual server avoids the issues that can arise with hardware-based servers and keeps costs down by reducing staff and storage space overheads.


As well as all the cloud-based services we offer, EcoBright also has the facilities to provide colocation for your hardware. From single servers to multiple racks, we will ensure your hardware is stored in a secure, purpose-built facility with optimal environmental conditions, high-speed network, and redundancy.

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